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Oct 12th, 2018 by msdpodcasts at 9:31 am

Listen to Mary Broeckling, Toddler Teacher at MSD, share her expertise on the subject of successful Toddler toilet learning.

Oct 12th, 2018 by msdpodcasts at 9:57 am

Listen to Anne Hewetson, Director of Elementary Education at MSD, share tips and tricks for helping you and your child get out of the house in the morning on time—and happy!

Oct 12th, 2018 by msdpodcasts at 9:58 am

Listen to Rachel Northrop, Director of Early Childhood Education at MSD, share her perspective on raising an independent child – the Montessori way.

Listen to Travis Snyder, Director of Middle School Education at MSD, share insights on the transition to Middle School and adolescence. This is the introduction to a three-part series called, "The Adolescent Experience."

Listen to Travis Snyder, Director of Middle School Education at MSD, as he introduces the Four Montessori Planes of Development, as well as gives you some suggestions to navigate the adolescent years. This is part two of a three-part series on this very important topic, "The Adolescent Experience."

Please click here to view the Three Planes of Development, as mentioned in this podcast.

Listen to Travis Snyder, Director of Middle School Education at MSD, explain how the teenage brain works and how you can stay sane while raising an adolescent. This is part three of a three-part series, titled, "The Adolescent Experience."

Listen as MSD mom, Michelle Dawson, PsyD shows you how a simple daily gratitude practice can massively improve your resiliency to stress, make you happier, and improve your sleep.  She will introduce you to the neuroscience behind why noticing the good helps to rewire your brain and decrease stress. This is a must “listen to” podcast during the busy holiday season!

It’s so easy to get swept up in the demands of parenthood that you forget about being a couple. Listen to MSD mom, Sarah Tie, MA, NCC, share her wisdom about how to stay connected to your life as a couple while you’re raising kids. She will show you that it’s a great investment in the family because when you and your partner are happy and healthy, your kids are getting the best from both of you.

We’ve taken one of our Parent Education workshops, The Importance of Sleep, and we’ve created a podcast just for you. Listen as two MSD moms, Michelle Dawson, PsyD, and Lisa Kerscher, LCSW, share the latest brain research to show how vital sleep is in order to clear out toxins, prevent disease, and regulate our stress responses. They will teach techniques that you can implement to manage stress, find better sleep and be a better YOU!

Listen to four of our recent graduates briefly reflect on the outcomes of a MSD education.

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